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“ Prenatal DNA test, as early as 5 week of pregnancy”

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The Genomics Plus ® Team
Genomics Plus™ is leading the way in the prenatal Paternity DNA testing industry. We provide the most accurate & affordable prenatal paternity DNA testing to the privet sector and the government. Our DNA tests are confidential, private, 100% accurate & legal. The DNA test results it can be used in a court of law, for custody lawsuits…
This may be your first Prenatal Paternity DNA test and because just about every circumstance is different, we advise that you contact our experts to make certain that you receive 100% accurate DNA test results. Legal prenatal test will involve DNA samples gathered at qualified facilities like from both sides, collection site, nearby your location, will be provided for your connivance, this is some thing we take pride of, by partnering with over 3000 collection sites in USA, we insure our patient will get fast and seamless experience like visiting your local doctor, intact sometimes we use a patient’s local Dr with specific instructions incases that we don’t have a near by location for his or hers sample collection.

Like asking a friend to tell you a secret.
At Genomics we believe that its very reassuring and very relaxing when our visitors see that we talk to them like their friends would, we give our customers a very warm feeling because what do they want really? Just to find out the truth about their loved ones and that is not something to be ashamed of.
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We at Genomics Plus take the time to show our users what they want to see, so have a look at a DNA autoradiogram ( DNA Image sample )
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