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Nutrition DNA Test

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Some people can get away from eating carbs, bread, and pasta, and the big question is why? Well, it's not so simple to know, but with the Genomics nutrition DNA test, also shows Food Sensitivity Test, you can find out which foods agrees with your body and which done; dieting is a vicious circle, and for a good reason, it is impossible to know in details what food you can eat and still lose weight. We are not talking bout just eating less. It's about celebrating life and what it has to offer, like good food.
There are foods that Yamee and will not harm your body; in terms of weight, you don't know them yet.
So stop with the guessing Utilizing Gx Slim's respected scientific approach, the Genomics genetic weight management DNA test provides a complete picture.

Know how your genes affect your weight.

Genetics can predispose you to obesity and impact how your body responds to diet and exercise. A Weight Management Profile report includes a general obesity index, your response to diet and exercise, how health and behavior impact your weight, and how your body reacts to vitamins.

How to
We send you the kit after ordering, follow the instruction with you saliva sample or blood send the kit back to us
and wait 2-3 days for your results, it's that simple. Your new life awaits you.

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