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Prenatal DNA Testing
Prenatal DNA Testing
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What happens after I order?

Scheduling is done only with a confirmation number. There’s no other way to schedule an appointment what you need to know before you order your test.
We don’t have a payment plan option at this time.

Collection sites

“We have over 5000 locations in the US on average; it will take about 15 to 20 minutes max to drive from any location ( your zip code) in the US to the collection site. “

Ordering your test

You need to order your test in advance online. The prices are as follows:

$1600 after nine weeks of pregnancy
$2200 before nine weeks (as early as five weeks)
$800 OBG Prenatal Testing after nine weeks

Once ordered, you will receive two emails; one will be your CC invoice to print, the second will have your confirmation number and case number.
One of our lab agents will be assigned to the case and will call you on the same day of your order; in this call, they will schedule you and explain to you what to bring to your collection day.

We call you on the same day of ordering.

For verification, you will need to have the confirmation number when we call you to schedule.
You will need to come to the collection site with your partner and identify you and your partner.
In most cases, the location of the collection site will be within a radius of 20 minutes or less from the ZIP Code you provided when placing your order.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Otherwise, you can go ahead and order the test online.
As you know, the demand is high right now and due to COVID, the time for results is between 1 to 2 weeks based on a first-come, first-served.

Genomics Plus LLC

Genomics Plus® is leading the way in the Paternity DNA testing industry. We provide the most accurate & affordable prenatal paternity DNA testing to the private sector and the government. Our DNA tests are confidential, secret, 100% accurate & legal. The DNA test results can be used in a court of law for custody lawsuits…

GenomicsPlus is been around since 2009 with thousands of happy customers with fast results and all the certifications from immigration DNA testing all the way up to Prenatal testing.